Repeal of the pension reform – Call for strike actions in the video game industry starting on 6 June 2023

The movement against the pension reform has been going on, in various forms, without interruption since last January, a sign of the strength of the opposition to this reform.

From the beginning, we have been explaining how harmful this reform is for workers, and in particular for the poorest and the elderly. It will lengthen working time, but will also have other disastrous effects: increased precariousness, poverty and unemployment, reduced life expectancy…

Carrying on with this reform is now also a threat to democracy. As its lies to promote it did not convince anyone, and as the extreme majority of the population was opposed to it, the government used many authoritarian measures to impose this reform with unprecedented violence. It was passed into law without ever having been subject to a vote, by a unilateral decision of the government.

In order to reject the forceful introduction of this law, and to cancel its effects, a bill to repeal the pension reform will be presented at the National Assembly on 8 June. Confirming its choice to pursue a fascist strategy on the imposition of this reform, the government has already threatened to use another article of the constitution to outright ban the discussion of this bill.

Two days before, on 6 June, the national inter-union coalition of all the major confederations is calling for a national strike and demonstration day to fight for the repeal of the reform. In addition to this repeal, we are demanding to work less: every week, by introducing a 4-day / 28-hour working week, and throughout our lives by returning to retirement for all at the age of 60.

Joining this coalition, the Syndicat des Travailleurs et Travailleuses du Jeu Vidéo calls for strike actions in the video game industry from 6 to 11 June 2023 included. We call on workers, unemployed people, pensioners and students in video games to mobilise at companies, general assemblies and demonstrations throughout France. The STJV will be officially present at several demonstrations.

This call covers the STJV’s field of action in the private sector, and therefore applies to any person employed by a video game publishing, distribution, services and/or creation company, whatever their position or status and whatever their company’s area of activity (games, consoles, mobile, serious games, VR/AR, game engines, marketing services, streaming, derivative products, esports, online content creation, etc.), as well as to all teachers working in private schools in video game-related courses. As this is a national strike call, no action is necessary to go on strike: just don’t come to work.

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