What is the STJV?

The STJV is an independent union created to defend the moral and economical interests of workers in the video games industry.
We fight for the respect of their rights, for their emancipation and to spread their demands.

Why an independent union?

The video games industry is in our eyes specific enough to justify the existence of a specialized union.
It encompasses many different type of trades and enough specificities to consider that no existing union feels adequate to represent it. However, it is not impossible that the STJV joins a federation in the future, even if it is not currently being considered.

Who are the workers?

The STJV considers as workers employees, whatever their contract (CDD, CDI, intermittence…), but also freelancers, students, the unemployed and the retired, etc. that live from their labour.

What is the video games industry?

The video games industry is also considered in its whole and is not limited to the sole production of video games: the STJV also means to represent journalists, streamers, teachers, researchers or other trades linked to the industry.

Do I need to join the STJV to be defended?

The STJV was created to defend all workers that ask, and so we do not discriminate between people needing help, members or not. We urge anybody to contact us if they need help or information.

How to join?

You can join us online. The membership process is explained on this page.

Is there a branch in my region?

The STJV was created in Paris but has the firm intention of being present over all French national territory. Regional organisation is led by people directly concerned and we currently have groups in other cities than Paris.

How much is the contribution?

We offer two types of membership contribution types:

  • Standard contribution, which is 1% of net income
  • Free contribution (in case of financial difficulties)

We do not ask for any justification for the type of contribution or for the amount. We trust everyone will participate fairly to the STJV.

I just joined up/I am going to join up, what next?


We regularly organise welcome meeting for new members, so that they can discover how the union works and to meet a few other members. They aren’t mandatory, but we’ll see with you for dates and would love to see you there. 🙂