The “Syndicat des Travailleurs du Jeu Vidéo” aims to constitute a friendship, solidarity and defense pact between all workers of the video games industry.

Why a union?

Up until now, there existed no structure to allow workers of the video games industry to express themselves publicly and collectively. In such a situation, only the point of view of a small fringe of the industry (for example editors or employers) could be heard by society and the government.

Also, associating inside a union facilitates access to help and information, enabling us to defend and improve our working conditions.

What about the employers?

The interests of business owners (employers, shareholders, editors) are already represented by other institutions. And while the interests of owners can sometimes coincide with ours, it would be naive and dangerous to conflate the two. Therefore, the STJV does not represent the interests of people living from the labour of others.

How to act?

To defend our moral and economical interests, the STJV relies on the following elements:

  • Labour laws, that must be scrupulously respected.
  • Improvement of working conditions, including fair remuneration for work provided and respect of all workers.
  • Fighting against all forms of discrimination existing in our industry.
  • Helping all workers, union members or not, that find themselves in a difficult situation at work.
  • Informing workers: without knowing our rights, we cannot defend them.
  • Informing public institutions and associations. Currently informed only of the wishes of the business owners, it is necessary that they also benefit from our point of view.
  • Promoting any new or alternative forms of work organisation that help ensure good working conditions.


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