Campaign for pensions – Call for strike actions in the video game industry from 19 to 26 January 2023

On 10 January 2023, the government revealed its plan to raise the legal retirement age to 64, with an accelerated increase in the minimum working period.

This reform would hit all workers hard, especially those who started working early, the most precarious, whose life expectancy is lower than the rest of the population, and those whose jobs are not recognised as strenuous. It would worsen the precariousness of those who are no longer employed before their retirement, and would reinforce gender inequalities.

The current pension system is not at risk financially. Nothing justifies such a brutal reform.

Its actual motive is the government’s stubborn refusal to tax companies, and on the contrary to maintain its policy of reducing these taxes and handing out public money with nothing in return: subsidies to companies represent the largest item of state expenditure, one third of the French budget.

Rather than working more, we demand to work less: each week, by introducing the 4-day / 28-hour working week, and throughout our lives by restoring retirement at 60.

The Syndicat des Travailleurs et Travailleuses du Jeu Vidéo is joining the labour movement by calling for a strike from 19 to 26 January 2023. We call workers, unemployed people, pensioners and students in video games to mobilise in their companies, at general assemblies and in the demonstrations that will take place across France. The STJV will be officially present in several of these demonstrations.

This call covers the STJV’s field of action in the private sector, and therefore applies to any person employed by a publishing, distribution, services and/or creation company for video games, whatever their position or status and whatever their company’s area of activity (games, consoles, mobile, serious games, VR/AR, game engines, marketing services, streaming, spin-off products, esport, online content creation, etc.), as well as to all teachers working in private schools on video game-related courses.

For all these people, and since this is a national call to strike, no action is necessary to go on strike: you just have to not come to work on the day you want to strike.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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