On February 14th, Ubisoft France on strike for decent wages

Over the last few weeks the STJV took part in the Mandatory Annual Negotiations on salaries in several Ubisoft entities in France. Despite the unions’ efforts to find an acceptable compromise, negotiations hit a wall. In order to hit arbtirary cost reductions targets, management offered a budget dedicated to raises that would be lower than inflation for the second year in a row.

A badly balanced rewards system

How can we square such disdain with our CEO urging us to « gain in agility and efficiency »? How could we accept such low raises when the company boasts of “an excellent second quarter, well above [our] expectations”, all while paying « tribute to the exceptional level of commitment from the teams »? We’d say that’s a pretty badly balanced rewards system.

Lowering our living standards: not a bug, but a feature

The conclusion is thus: to Ubisoft’s management, our living standards going down isn’t a bug, it’s a feature. A company that still makes a profit, even when its execs have failed repeatedly, choosing to have its employees pay to increase its profits is plainly unacceptable. This is why we call, in association with the other combative unions at Ubisoft, to a strike all day long on wednesday, February 14th, in all the French entities belonging to the Ubisoft group.

If you have any questions on how to join the strike, you may refer to our guide on the topic [in French only for now, sorry!], or contact one of our sections in the various Ubisoft entities.