October 13th for equality, salaries, pensions and the environment: Call for strike action in the video game industry

Despite 6 months of campaign against the pensions reform, the government forced it through, putting the final nail in the coffin of democracy. The economic and environmental situation, already catastrophic at the time of the campaign, has only worsened since.

The population continues to get poorer: through pension and unemployment reforms, but also because of an inflation rate that has not been offset by wage rises. Last summer was the hottest on record and it doesn’t seem to be ending. It was marked by numerous natural disasters around the world. The world’s agricultural production is at risk.

Meanwhile, property owners and shareholders are getting richer and richer, while more and more proletarians have to forego medical care, food, etc.

As usual, and for partisan reasons, the government hasn’t proposed any concrete, long-term measures to alleviate these problems. But workers’ organisations have been proposing solutions for a long time:

  • Wages should be automatically adjusted for inflation
  • Gender equality in the workplace, in terms of pay and working conditions, must be enforced, and non-complying companies must be sanctioned
  • The fight against climate change and the necessary changes in production must be placed directly in the hands of workers
  • Government subsidies to companies must be reduced and subjected to strict social and environmental goals
  • The power of employee representatives must be strengthened, so that they can force negotiations and monitor all these points within companies

We are well aware that these changes will never be handed over without a fight.

The Syndicat des Travailleurs et Travailleuses du Jeu Vidéo is therefore calling for a strike in the video game industry on Friday 13 October 2023, joining the europe-wide unions call. We call on workers, unemployed people, pensioners and students from the video game industry to mobilise in companies, general assemblies and actions that will take place everywhere in France during this period.

This call covers the STJV’s field of action in the private sector, and therefore applies to any person employed by a video game publishing, distribution, services and/or creation company, whatever their position or status and whatever their company’s area of activity (games, consoles, mobile, serious games, VR/AR, game engines, marketing services, streaming, derivative products, esports, online content creation, etc.), as well as to all teachers working in private schools in video game-related courses. As this is a national strike call, no action is necessary to go on strike: just don’t come to work.

Why strike in the video game industry on October 13?

To protect our income

The video game industry is notorious for its low salaries compared to the level of education and the occupations performed. Some jobs are very poorly paid, despite the fact that most of them are located in metropolitan areas where living costs are high (see our latest survey). We are very much affected by inflation problems, just as last year’s wage disputes showed…

For a stable life, without having to worry about tomorrow

Recruitment under fixed-term contracts, periods of unemployment, poor health insurance, no career management… Video game industry careers are marked by precariousness, at the beginning for all occupations, and for their entire duration for some (see our latest survey). We are extremely affected by the pensions and unemployment benefits reforms, which will have a brutal impact on our lives.

To ensure that ecological issues are taken into account

Our industry is leading a frantic race to always improve the performance of electronic equipment, and therefore to replace it often. The environmental challenges we are already facing, and which are already causing a great deal of damage and death around the world, are forcing us to change. Video game companies will not get out of this race without pressure from workers.

To put an end to discriminations

Our industry is notorious as a place where discrimination, based on disability, origin, class, sexual orientation, gender… is rife. And companies do little or nothing about it, often preferring to deny the problems. We must constantly campaign to put an end to discrimination and allow everyone to work and live with dignity in the video games industry.

For better public services

Public services have been under attack from governments for decades, and many are close to breaking down. Access to essential services such as healthcare, welfare, job search, transport and housing is only deteriorating. If we don’t act, we will soon be deprived of services essential to our survival.

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