Call for strike actions at all French Ubisoft companies on Friday 27th afternoon

This call has been written by members of the STJV working at Ubisoft companies in France, and is published in common with our comrades from Solidaires Informatique.

Video games workers are not consumables that one throws away through so-called « natural attrition », like they’re a foreign body.

While we can testify to the absurdity of our games’ production processes, and the way our colleagues and comrades are treated as a burden that the company seeks to offload, Ubisoft’s management keeps ignoring and questioning our work, while conveniently dismissing the mere possibility that failures and mishaps could be on their side.

We will not abandon our colleagues and comrades. And we will no longer let our employer denigrate our work while at the same time absolving itself of any responsibility when calling us to « give the best of ourselves » to fix its own mistakes.

The STJV is calling workers from all French entities of the Ubisoft group to strike on Friday, January 27th from 2PM to 6PM.

We demand immediately :

If you have any questions about participating in the strike, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our sections at Ubisoft Paris, Montpellier or Annecy.

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