Legal actions against the studio Umeshu Lovers

A few weeks ago, Toulouse-based studio Umeshu Lovers published its game Danghost. Over the past few months, we have been helping former employees of this studio, who have turned to the STJV for help in dealing with situations that our union considers unacceptable.

To date, three complaints have been lodged with the Procureur de la République (french public prosecutor) against the company and one of its directors, including charges of moral and sexual harassment.

Two cases relating to the execution and termination of employment contracts were also filed with the conseil des prud’hommes (french industrial tribunal), including the same grievances as the criminal complaints. The STJV will intervene voluntarily in these proceedings to defend the collective interests of the profession.

We hope that these legal actions will bring justice to the victims and put an end to the acts being prosecuted.

In all video game companies, the STJV defends and will defend all workers, whether unionised or not. We can carry out this kind of action thanks to our comrades’ dues and the volunteer work of our Legal Support and Assistance Committee.

Update 11/4/23 : A ce jour, aucune poursuite pénale n’a encore été engagée par le procureur de la république.

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